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 Whirlpool Washer & Dryer Set

Whirlpool Washer & Dryer Set

$599.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price

Upgrade your laundry experience with this efficient Whirlpool Washer and Dryer set. The 3.8 cubic feet washer features a porcelain wash basket, dual-action agitator, and 8 cycles with 5 temperature options. It's designed for use with High Efficiency detergents and offers convenient features like Late Lid Lock and the Deep Water Wash Option. The matching dryer offers efficient drying with its [Include key features or unique selling points of the dryer]. With its top-load design and reliable performance, this set is a practical choice for any laundry room.



Wash Basket (Capacity/Material): 3.8 Cubic Feet, Porcelain

Controls (Digital/Mechanical): Mechanical

Cycles: 8 Cycles; 5 Temperature Options

Wash System: Dual-Action Agitator

Dispensers: Manually add detergent and fabric softener into the wash basket; Dispenser for liquid bleach

Special: Use only High Efficiency detergents. The package will be marked “HE” or “High Efficiency.”

Color: White

Washer Load Type: Top Load

Energy Efficiency: 120V

Features: Dual Action Agitator move independently to roll clothing through the bottom of the wash basket Late Lid Lock gives you extra time to throw in any missed items before the Spin Cycle starts The Deep Water Wash Option adds the maximum amount of water for your laundry load, so you can clean with confidence 5 Temperature Settings help make sure the wash water is just the right temperature for every load The Extra Rinse Option adds more rinse action to most wash cycles to help remove extra soil or detergent

Dimensions: 27.5"W x 27"D x 42"H

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